finery and filth

Finery & Filth

The Black Horse at Aylestone provided the finery with a good pint and a friendly welcome, talented musician and story teller Dante Ferrara provided the filth.

Through the eyes of his 17th Century namesake, Ferrara told the story of The Catch Club who met in the murky depths of The Old Bell in Hammersmith. Music was provided on three instruments of the period the cittern, orpharion and hurdy-gurdy, used as solo instruments and as accompaniment to some of the bawdy songs.

Audience participation was a must and added to the hilarity of the debaucheries of the various tales and songs - definitely not a show for those of a puritanical nature!

An evening of filth at its finest!!

Peter Collett, Leicester Mercury


A delightful hour’s entertainment… see Dante if you have the chance (but don’t take the children).

The Lute Society

On Wednesday we had Finery and Filth from Dante Ferrara – a ribald tale set in 1695, which attracted a huge crowd and turned out to be a lot of fun – especially as it is was held at the Black Horse in Aylestone. The venue provided the finery (excellent ale) and Dante provided the filth. But the filth came with superb musicianship and a diverting way with words.

Leicester Early Music Festival