finery and filth

Finery & Filth

Finery & Filth is Dante Ferrara’s new show.


If you like your early music adventurous, ground-breaking and different, then look no further. Finery & Filth combines early music, spectacle and stand-up comedy. This show, set in 1695, takes the audience through a vivid and ribald tale of Restoration London. By the first 15 minutes they will have heard the hurdy gurdy, cittern, two songs by Henry Purcell and a song about a farting contest - all gems from the late 17th century!


The story progresses and by the end of the one-hour show your audience will have…

• been taken into The Old Bell in darkest Hammersmith to relive the bawdiness of The Catch Club, frequented by The Restoration Rat Pack;
• heard what happened when the Earl of Rochester met Henry Purcell and set him a rather interesting challenge;
• heard 19 songs and tunes, and
• participated in four songs and sung one in its entirety (watch them trying to keep a straight face whilst singing!)


Warning - contains lyrics not suitable for those of a Puritan disposition.


A sample audio CD of the show is available on request.


Finery & Filth is available in three versions:

Concert version - 2 hours including interval
Festival version - 1 hour
After dinner version - 30 minutes.


To book Finery & Filth please use the contact page.


Photography by Dave Overton